What’s Best Antivirus for Mac and Why Do You Need Antivirus For Mac ?

Top antivirus apps for Mac

The most frequently asked questions by Mac users is that does they need antivirus for Mac ? Plenty of Mac users will say that their Mac device are safe and has no malware threat to their Apple computers. Although its true that Mac devices are more secure than that of Windows and has fewer threat attacks out there compared to Windows.

A Hoary Old Question : Do I Need Antivirus For Mac ?

To get answers to this various independent test labs also testified different antivirus for Mac. We had led our research and taken reference to reports of reputable independent test labs like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives to get right answers for it.

You can also see the discussions at Apple Support Communities, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6081496?tstart=0

With no doubt its clear that Macs are less insecure at least as compared to Windows. This is actually due to two facts. Technically Mac OS X is a UNIX based system which is sandboxed. Due to this if the threat even compromised your Mac machine then it protects the malware to spread to the heart of your Mac. It makes Macs less likely to be hacked and more difficult to exploit compared to Windows PCs.

The second reason is that there are fewer threats out there for Mac as compared to Windows. Well Mac is not a soft target that can be exploited easily so cyber criminals mostly target Windows to make money illegally. However there are active malware in the universe of Mac. One of the biggest threat is the user’s mistakes and oblivious behaviors while surfing web. So you need to get some best antivirus for Mac in order to strengthen your Mac machine from threats.

Learn about Mac Security Reviews of AV-comparatives to get better view of the need of Antivirus for Mac OS X, http://www.av-comparatives.org/mac-security-reviews

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Mac : Guard Your Mac OS X With Extra Protection

To be effective and worth installing, any antivirus must be able to protect your PC from threats effectively. We looked properties of Mac Antivirus about how it can protect Macs from known and unknown malware infections. To be an antivirus software to be most effective it should be unobtrusive and has less impact on Mac’s performance. How good is it’s usability (notifications of warning, blockage and false positives) as well as capability to repair already infected PC ? On this basis we have listed top 5 best antivirus for Mac users.

1 : Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

The number one Editor’s Choice for the best antivirus for Mac comes up as Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. It has also got high rating in various independent test labs with its 100% blockage of threats and at least 10% less performance impact in AV-test results.

Pricing : Costs $58.47 for a single Mac.

Benefits :

  • Block and remove irritating ad-supported programs.
  • Delivers absolute protection.
  • No negative impacts on Mac’s speed.
  • TrafficLight system secures your online experience.
  • Provides 24/7 cloud-based guard duty.

2 : Avast Free Antivirus for Mac

One of the most popular name in free antivirus protection, Avast Free Mac Security stands out second in best antivirus for Mac. Higher ratings at different test labs, 100% threat detection, safe browsing experience with its WebRep plugin, this is one of the most trusted AV-products by users. But it had a significant performance impact on Mac devices during tests. Still its a good option for free antivirus for Mac OS X.

3 : Symantec Nortan Security

With 100% threat detection and marginal greater impact on system’s performance than number one antivirus for Mac in this list, it stands out at third place. This provides effective real-time protection against malware threats. It also effectively safeguards your web experience, online transactions and identity.

Pricing : Costs $34.99 for a single Mac.

4 : Sophos Antivirus for Mac

The number one free antivirus for Mac, Sophos Anti-Virus detects 100% of malware threats with minor impact on system’s performance. However AV-test has measured around 20% impact on Mac’s performance which enough to be noticeable by users. The paid product of Sophos are better but overall it’s a compelling product for both home and business based users.

Benefits :

Full protection against malware threats, Trojans and worms.
Easy installation and less maintenance.
100% free product.

5 : Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Another free antivirus for Mac, Avira also holds position in list of top 5 best antivirus for Mac. It also got great scores at different independent test labs. This can protect your Mac from threats and safeguards your web browsing experience. But it had a more system overhead in the AV-test lab which you have to pay in favor to keep your Mac safe.

AV-Test Lab has put 18 malware scanner for Mac at test which you can follow for more information, https://www.av-test.org/en/news/news-single-view/mac-os-x-in-the-crosshairs-18-malware-scanners-put-to-the-test

Final Thoughts :

Well if you are a less tech-savvy person and don’t have much idea about threats then you must need go for some reliable antivirus to protect your Mac device. Above we have discussed some of the most trustworthy and reliable antivirus for Mac which you might be interested to use. So go ahead and don’t forget to use the trial version of the AV-product to get a better perspective about the software.

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