Resolve Outlook.pst Cannot be found : Error Fixed

The “Outlook.pst cannot be found” error has been viewed as a very complicated Outlook error, which can faced by users while using Ms Outlook. Although Microsoft Outlook is the most renowned and trustworthy email application but sometimes it may also lead you to error and failure. In some instances like malware attacks, power failure, malfunctioning of hardware etc. may cause different kinds of Outlook errors and issues.

In this segment you are going to learn about how “Outlook.pst cannot be found” error can occur due to virus attacks and what are the ways to fix Outlook.pst cannot be found error. You may get more details about this Ms Outlook error at the Microsoft’s Office forum,

What Are The Main Cause Of Outlook.pst cannot be found Error ?

Outlook.pst cannot be found

Bad Sectors of Hard Drives : Users usually install and uninstall free third party software programs for different purposes which ultimately causes bad sectors in hard drives. If the Outlook.pst file get stored in these bad sectors then it became inaccessible and users get outlook.pst cannot be found error messages.

Virus Attacks : These days malware threats are the most common issue for every computer users. In some cases the Outlook.pst file get infected with virus and during quarantine process it may get removed by the antivirus softwares. In such cases users also get these kinds of error messages from Ms Outlook.

Synchronization Issues : Sometimes any error leads to problems in automatic synchronization process of Ms Outlook. This may also cause Ms Outlook with error message, outlook.pst cannot be found.

Like above discusses causes oversized PST files, sudden power failure, corrupted PST file and such issues also causes these kinds of Outlook error. For more details about this error and how to fix Outlook.pst cannot be found error you may visit the reference site.

Tips to Fix Outlook.pst cannot be found Error :

In situations when users face these kinds of Outlook error messages then they must need to be cautious. Well at first you may try to use Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool in order to fix Outlook.pst cannot be found. Scanpst is the inbuilt tool which has been provided by Ms Outlook itself to deal with such issues. In case you may get trouble in resolving this issue with Scanpst.exe then you may prefer to go with some well known and trustworthy third party software. If you wanna know more about Microsoft Outlook and the location where it saves information and configuration you may visit,

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