Is SSLOptimizer Worth Installing ? Or Need to Uninstall SSLOptimizer Completely

remove SSLOptimizer

Hello there. I am an IT professional and recently get encountered with SSLOptimizer. This time to time come across in my work on my PC and alerts me, claiming that my PC need to be optimized. It also shows me recent scan results which contains hundreds of errors and issues in different sectors of my PC. These fake alerts has strengthen my doubt about this fake system optimizer and hence I decided to search about this on the Internet and found out some of the striking information.

Well my doubt about this is right and hence I immediately removed SSLOptimizer from my compromised PC. I am going to discuss about what I had experienced about this and its removal guidelines in the below post for those who has the same issue. And, you can also visit Microsoft’s support website at, to learn more details.

What Exactly SSLOptimizer Is ?

According to several web security researchers, SSLOptimizer has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program. This is just a tool used by cyber criminals in order to wheedle out the hard earned money of the naive online users. It usually presents itself as a genuine PC optimizer which claims to boost up your CPU, free up hard disk spaces and clean up registry and fix system related issues. But in reality this is only good at promoting commercial advertisements on its victim’s PC.

Not only this, SSLOptimizer also regularly prompts on user’s computer screen with fake scan results which shows imaginary results. This states that the PC need to be optimized as there is hundreds and thousands of issues, items and bugs detected in your PC. Further it try to entice the victims to purchase the full version of the PC optimization software in order to fix these issues. If you fall for SSLOptimizer fake claims then this not only do not solve the existing issues but even make it worst. And, you will loose your money for this worthless application.

As a matter of fact, SSLOptimizer invades into its target PC without their consent usually along with free third party softwares. It hides itself in the advanced or custom installation options of the third party software. Once intruded into your PC, this only cause troubles to your system like degrades your system’s performance, browsing experience and so on. So without any doubt you must need to uninstall SSLOptimizer as soon as possible from your compromised PC. Know more about such rogue programs on Wikipedia official site at, .

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