Important Antivirus Features to Consider While Choosing the Best Antivirus For Your PC

important antivirus features

Antivirus software are not like a program you install and then forget about. Different kinds of antivirus has many important antivirus features that makes easier and safer experience with your computer. With hundreds of new malware infections are detected everyday, a good antivirus is one of the most common necessity of any computer users.

Well there are various well-known antivirus programs provides variety of features which you can choose as per your requirements. As there are so many new and advanced malware threats has been discovered everyday, just installing an antivirus doesn’t protects your PC. You must need to regularly update it to cope up with evolving PC threats.

Must-Have Features in Antivirus Softwares : Important Antivirus Features


When many users come in the situation when they need to choose some antivirus software they don’t know exactly what to look for. Here in this article I am going to discuss the most important antivirus features which uses must have to consider while choosing antivirus programs for their own use. You may also go through, for reviews by experts team of AV comparatives on the below given important antivirus features.

1. Anti-malware :

This is the component of an antivirus program which prevents your system from different kinds of malicious PC threats, usually called as malware. Different kinds of malware includes adware, spyware, hijacker, trojan, hijackers and such programs designed to malfunction or damage your PC and stored data.

2. Real-time Protection :

This is one of the most important antivirus features which is responsible to intercept any unwanted and suspicious programs or objects which tries to infiltrate into your PC through networks or other means.

3. Scanning Features :

It includes different scanning methods such as on-access, on-demand, scheduled, scheduled and heuristic scanning.

On-Access Scan : This malware scanner checks for viruses when you access files in your PC and prevents threats to spread into your system.

On-Demand Scan : It helps users to scan your whole computer or some particular area or objects on your demand.

Heuristic Scan : This antivirus feature is designed in order to check whether any newly discovered viruses has infected your PC or not.

4. Browser Protection :

This is the other important antivirus feature which prevents browser exploits to hijack your web browsers. It usually take advantages of vulnerabilities of web browser to steal user’s information, cause illegal browser redirects and other kinds of suspicious activities.

protect pc5. Additional Protection :

Auto-Clean : This antivirus feature has been necessary to automatically clean any malicious objects and threats from user’s PC.

Email Scans : These days spam and junk emails with malicious attachments are one of the popular means through which users gets different kinds of malware infections in their PCs. This antivirus feature automatically scans your POP3 email accounts and webmail accounts like MSN, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail for malicious objects.

Script Blocking : VBS and Javascripts are widely used by malicious hackers to execute certain harmful program into the victim’s PC. So this antivirus feature capable to protect your PC from any suspicious activities by scripts and alerts users when detected.

Instant-Messaging Protection : Like emails instant messages also capable to introduce viruses into user’s PCs. So in order to block malicious instant messages to infect your computer files.

6. Updates :

For best malware protection, its important to use antivirus software which provides instant virus signature database updates automatically. To cope with evolving malware infections, antivirus software also need to be updated and hence it must provide regular software updates.

7. Anti-Rootkit :

This protects your computer from the very dangerous kinds of malware threats specifically known as rootkits. Rootkits can damages your OS, corrupts critical files and does other malicious operations. This functionality prevents rootkits from installation and remove if detected.

security alarm8. Anti-Phishing :

Now a days anti-phishing functionality is also an important antivirus features which you need to consider if you are choosing any AV product. This notify users while surfing Internet from an phishing elements which may cause threat to user’s identity and privacy. Hence its also one of the important features you need in an AV-product if you are a regular online user.

9. Secure Network :

In this digital world there are numerous automated programs running on Internet which search for PCs connected to Internet with potential vulnerabilities. In such cases users need this functionality to secure their network typically from such threats which open ports to user’s PC to track their activities.

Conclusion :

Well there are a number of feature different antivirus products provides for anti-malware protection for your PCs. But before you choose any virus software you need to make sure that what are your requirements and what features you need in an antivirus program. The important antivirus features are discussed above which you can make sure that the AV-product you are choosing has as many of them as possible. You may also prefer to visit, for latest news on different antivirus products for different platforms.

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