How to Resolve Outlook.pst Cannot be Found Error : Outlook.pst Cannot be Found Issue Fixed

Have you started getting “Outlook.pst Cannot be Found” error message on your computer screen whenever you try to access your Ms Outlook ? Is it happening due to of some sort of malware attacks ? Is your antivirus software deleted the malware infected Outlook.pst file in order to remove malware threats ? Now you are getting error messages like “Outlook.pst Cannot be Found”, “Outlook.pst cannot be accessed” etc. Don’t you want to resolve these issues ? You can follow the below post to get more details about how to fix such issues easily and also the Microsoft’s forum at,

What Exactly “Outlook.pst Cannot be Found” Error Means ?

resolve fix Outlook.pst cannot be found

Microsoft Outlook is probably one of the most popular and reliable desktop emailing platform at present. It has been widely used all over the world and don’t seem to have any effects in its popularity even due to of some glitches and errors faced by users while using it. While some are ignorable and some issues like “Outlook.pst cannot be found” can’t be avoided. Whenever you start your Ms Outlook application this unpleasant error message welcomes you.

Although most of the MS Outlook users are familiar with the terms like PST and may understood what the error “Outlook.pst cannot be found” actually means. Well the Ms Outlook stores its all data in a file called as Outlook.pst or simply known as PST file. Whenever you try to see emails, journal, notes, calendar etc. from Ms Outlook then it fetches the data from the PST files and show it to you.

What Causes “Outlook.pst cannot be found” Error Message ?

The error, outlook.pst cannot be found basically occur due to of two reasons. The first is the unavailability of PST file or any synchronization issues and the second is due to PST file corruption. Some of the common issues are as follows :

  • Sudden power failure while Ms Outlook is in process.
  • Virus or malware attacks.
  • Synchronization issues.
  • Malfunctioning of the application.
  • Oversized PST files.
  • Unavailability of PST file if it is stored in network server.

In such cases users face trouble while fixing it manually or may not get success when while using scanpst.exe. In such cases users can easily fix outlook.pst cannot be found error and repair PST files, resolve other scanpst issues easily in just few clicks with the help of some third party software. To get more information about PST files, you may visit the Microsoft’s office website at,

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