Finally Repaired Corrupted PST File By Virus Attack : Outlook 2007 PST File Repair

Few days ago, I have got a dangerous virus in my PC. My antivirus software has detected it as a Trojan horse with high threat level. Meanwhile I am also using Microsoft Outlook 2007 to manage my mails, messages, notes, tasks, calendars etc. I know that Ms Outlook stored its offline data in Outlook.pst file. So when I had scanned my whole PC for threats then antivirus detected the some sort of virus in the Outlook.pst file. I think its due to the virus attack that my Outlook.pst file got corrupted and I am being unable to access my mails, messages and so on.

When I had tried to repair corrupted PST file with the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe then it shows error or goes unresponsive. Well after this I had decided to search on the Internet about this to successfully repair damaged PST file. Here I am sharing my experience to help others who suffer from the same issues.

Know About Outlook.PST (or PST) Files :

In my research I had came to know that PST file is the main data storage file of the Microsoft Outlook. This has been used to store various kinds of stuffs which users wants to save such as emails, contacts, messages, notes, etc. But in some instances due to several reasons PST file get corrupted, damaged or even deleted. This may happens due to virus attacks, sudden power cut, malfunctioning of hard drive and so on. In such situations users get error messages from Ms Outlook. When I had got the virus attack then I had also started getting different Outlook errors when I tried to access my PST files or repair corrupted PST files.

Some Common Outlook 2007 Error Messages :

  • Outlook 2007 failed to start.
  • Outlook 2007 pst file missing.
  • Outlook 2007 unable to search contacts.
  • Scanpst.exe not responding issues.

While searching for solutions to repair corrupted PST files, I visited Here I had got complete informations about how PST file get corrupted or damaged. What are the easy and safe ways to repair PST files ? Thus if your PST file is also get corrupted or damaged due to some reason then you can find out effective solutions to recover corrupted PST file at referenced site. As I had also successfully recovered damaged PST file of Outlook 2007 with its reference. You can also follow for more details.

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