Cloud Based Antivirus : The Best Cloud Antivirus Suitable For You

In these days to prevent malware attacks to your PC, antivirus software are the most important and base level of protection. In recent years a new technology of cloud antivirus has emerged. The best thing about cloud based antivirus is that it does most of its processing somewhere else on the Internet instead of user’s PC. Innovations in the Internet technology like cloud computing has now made it both possible and affordable to the users.

Does Cloud Based Antivirus Protects PC Well or Better Than Traditional AV Products ?

Cloud antivirus products provides several benefits to users such as centralized management, less reliance on users and simpler deployment into computers. But is this worth to use it for your system’s protection from malware threats. Let us find out if it is good to go for cloud based antivirus for your PC’s endpoint protection services.

How Exactly Cloud Based Antivirus Works ?

Well cloud antivirus softwares consists of client and Web service components which works together. The client only need to install a small program to run scans on their PC for malware infections which eventually requires very small processing power. On the other hand traditional antivirus are just unnecessary resource hogs.

Web services at some remote servers on the Internet, back cloud antivirus softwares to run most of the data processing and store massive virus database. So users can easily scan their PC at regular intervals for any malware listed in Web service’s database.

Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Antivirus :

1 : No requirements for installation

The most beneficial part of using cloud antivirus is that you don’t need to install the entire antivirus software into your PC. This means there is minimal processing power consumption and fractional footprints on your memory and storage.

2 : No Updates Necessity

Away from the weakness of traditional antivirus programs, there is no necessity of updating your cloud-based antivirus. The host will automatically update it as required and you will get the latest protection when it becomes available. Thus you will get access to the latest data about malware threats in just few minutes with the cloud antivirus Web services.

3 : Double Layer of Security

Traditional antivirus software’s level of efficiency and protection may vary from one AV product to another. Its because users only can install one kind of local antivirus and if they install some other in the same PC, then it results and software conflicts and it also slow down your PC. But with cloud antivirus you can easily run another cloud based antivirus without worrying for conflicts.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Cloud Based Antivirus ?

1 : Not Protect Your PC which runs on startup. Cloud anti viruses are like run when you need to scan your PC for malware threats.

2 : Due to some Windows security protocols, cloud antivirus can’t able to scan core Windows files and system’s memory.

3 : Cloud based antivirus are dependent on Internet connection. If you don’t have an Internet connection then cloud antivirus is useless for your PC.

Top 3 Best Cloud Based Antivirus Software Reviews :

So far we have discussed about cloud antivirus, its benefits and drawbacks. Let me show you what I have got after the comprehensive research and reports of independent test labs for best cloud based antivirus software.

1 : Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity


Discover smarter solution for endpoint protection with Webroot cloud based antivirus. It has came to the top list of PassMark’s benchmark reports released in August 2015. Due to of its innovative cloud based technology, currently it is known as the tiniest antivirus around. With its astonishing features like lightweight client, deep intelligence, online management etc. this comes as the Editor’s choice in its class. Other features includes deploys in seconds, no conflicts, no reimaging, no more bloat and always up to date malware database.

For more details please visit its official site at,

2 : Panda Free Antivirus


Panda Security has taken a bold step in back 2009 by developing a fully cloud based antivirus. It has changed its name from Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition to new Panda Free Antivirus to coincide with new Panda Security 2015 consumer product. With constant innovations it has been considered as one of the pioneers in developing security softwares. It is a lightweight antivirus with an uncompromised malware detection. It has also got good scores in AV-comparatives performance tests reports of April 2016 with pretty high system impact score. Thus it deserves to be in this list of best cloud based antivirus of 2016.


Source :

Well we can not consider new Panda Free Antivirus as a fully cloud based antivirus as it uses a small subset of virus signature file which isn’t very light at all. It may be the reason why its name has been renamed.

You can learn more about it at its official site at,

3 : Immunet


Immunet antivirus protection system driven by cloud based community which utilizes cloud computing for enhanced PC security. This comes with a known fast and powerful detection engine named as ClamAV. It has been used as a scanning engine while user’s computer is offline and can’t access the cloud scanning features. Although ClamAV detection engine is disabled by default which can be enabled to ensure your system’s protection when not connected to the Internet. With such capabilities it totally deserves to be one in the list of best cloud based antivirus.

Learn more information about this at its official site,

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