Best Android Antivirus And Mobile Security Apps 2016 : Android Security Basics

Android Antivirus apps are one of the most popular applications on Android world. As malware threats and scams are often reported on Google Play Store, its a wise step for users to use some best and reliable antivirus security apps for their android smartphones. So, here we have dropped down a list of the best mobile security apps for android users.

What to Look In For Choosing Best Antivirus App for Android ?

As the malware detection rates are sky high for android, so its very essential for users to select some really good mobile apps for their android phones. To come with the list of best android antivirus apps we have analyzed results from independent test labs like AV-Test and AV-Comparative.

Apart from we have also looked at the other parts of issues in our evaluation, for instance user interface and ease of use are critical. Additional features like call-barring, anti-theft, backup and so forth can really help android users. Other aspects of evaluation includes performance impacts on the device and impact on users, like how fast is its malware scanner.

Why Do You Need Android Antivirus Apps For Your Mobile Security ?

There is always a question comes in mind of users that why they need android security apps or is it really “worth it”. Well, all the reports that I had seen indicates that malware attacks on Android are rising rapidly.

Android security apps have really some indisputable benefits. Threats and loss can be drastically reduced which is by far the most common issue for many of the Android phone users. If you have malware threats in your smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t make the malware threat to by any less dangerous.

Remember Windows computer out there is already a favorite target to the malware attacks and hence Windows users install best antivirus softwares. While android doesn’t became tasty target yet but if you use android security apps then it will keep you safe from such threats and risks.

Top 5 Android Security Apps :

1. 360 Security Free


360 Security (Free) by Qihu developers, claimed the top rank in AV-Test reports of November 2015 with a flawless detection rate of 99.9 percent. It is a very elegant, streamlines and focused to detecting and nullifying any sort of threats to your phone. With a very effective real-time protection this will prevent your device to be infected with malware, spyware and any other kind of threats.

Some Impressive Extra Features of 360 Security Free :

  • Junk File Cleaner.
  • Memory Booster to clean up RAM.
  • Power Saving mode to save battery.
  • App Management option.
  • Anti-theft tool helps you to locate your lost phone.
  • Privacy with enryption.

With a good blend of effective and powerful protection with host of extra features, 360 Security app comes up as the Editor’s choice in its niche.

Get more details about it at its official site,

2. Avast! Mobile Security


The latest report of AV-Test lab of 25 popular Android security apps, Avast comes up as a solid option with 98.1 percent detection rate. Its a completely free app with wide range of features and powerful protection for rooted devices makes Avast! Mobile Security a strong contender in it niche. This can be a genuine option if you are primarily looking for android security app with malware protection and safe browsing. With its light footprints, it will not drain your battery life and has no impact on general performance of your smartphone.

Extra Features of Avast! Mobile Security :

  • Anti-theft tool.
  • Firewall protection for rooted devices.
  • Web shield scans for suspicious URLs.

You can learn more about it at its official site,

3. AVG Antivirus Security


AVG Antivirus Security is an another android antivirus app that many people know from PC antivirus space. It has over 100 million downloads from Google Play Store with respectable 4.4 user ratings. With lighter footprints in terms of performance, real-time protection, malware scanning and regular updates, makes it a good choice for users to safeguard their android devices.

Extra Features of AVG Antivirus Security :

  • Task killer to clean up ideal processes in background.
  • Anti-theft features.
  • Remote device data wiping.
  • Device management option to monitor batter, storage and data usage.

Please visit its official site for more details,

4. CM Security


CM Security (Clean Master) had gain a viral success when there was a few free antivirus apps in the market and its the best free option available at that time. Although it has some competition now, still it is a pretty decent option when comes to real-time and anti-malware protection. It has got higher ratings for several years in AV-Test reports.

Extra Feature of CM Security :

  • Better applock with fingerprint scanner support.
  • Junk Cleaner.
  • Privacy tools.

For more information please visit its official site,

5. Avira Antivirus Security


Avira Antivirus Security app can be trusted to keep your Android devices safe with 99.9 percent of detection rate and zero false positives. With its minimal impact on performance of your mobile and sleek and minimalist design this turns up as one of the good choices in its niche.

Extra Features of Avira Antivirus Security :

  • Identity Safeguard tool to protect your email and contacts to be compromised or leaked out.
  • Decent range of blacklisting options to block unwanted calls and nuisance spams.
  • Anti-theft tool to remotely lock, wipe or trigger alarm to your device.

It also comes with its premium version contains additional features like anti-phishing, regular updates and better support. Although the free version covers the basic protection for android smartphones.

Get more information about it at its official site,

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