Avast Nitro Update : Light and Fast With Plenty of New Features

Avast has recently launched its new Nitro update to all its products which has been considered as the lightest Avast Antivirus yet. Users can now stay fast and more efficient at work along with providing better protection to their systems.

The new Avast antivirus products delivers lightwieght and fast solution to identify and analyze malware threats with new technology utilizing cloud. The Avast Antivirus Nitro Update encompasses new capabilities which enables users to improve system productivity, boot time, speed, performance and so on. Along with this it provides all round protection from today’s never ending malware attacks. In addition to the Nitro Update, users also get security and performance enhancements like Avast’s SafeZone browser, CyberCapture, Home Network Security and lots more.

How Avast Nitro Update Stands Out in AV-Comparative Testings ?

As Avast has unveiled its Nitro update to its all antivirus products for Mac, Windows PC, Android and iPhone users claiming for zero-second PC-threat detection features. So the independent test lab, AV-comparative (http://www.av-comparatives.org) has lead its research with Avast antivirus products. They found out computer runs even more faster after installing Avast Antivirus Nitro Update as compared to using Microsoft’s default Windows Defender security software. According to the research the impact on computer performance and speed is almost 2 times smaller while using Avast AV-products.

This happens due to the fact that the new update provides Avast the capability to perform its background security analysis to identify and analyze threats to the Cloud. As a result of this, now computers with Avast malware protection, have more processing power and memory due to minimum consumption by Avast Av-products. So users can now continue working even more faster without any lags due to traditional antivirus products.

Nitro Update Avast

What Additional Features Come Along with Nitro Update of Avast Antivirus Protection ?

CyberCapture :

Avast threat labs has developed a new technology – CyberCapture, which analyze unrecognized files and warns users about new PC threats. So users can be warned by the team of experts at Avast in real time before users open such potentially harmful files.

Lower Impact on System :

With considerably light setup file size in addition to the cloud based security analysis for potential threats, your PC now boots up about 11% more faster than before on an average. Due to the new Nitro update to Avast antivirus products, computer have now more free memory space and processor for other things.

New Monthly Updates to Avast AV-products :

From now on-wards Avast has announced that they will release updates to their products on monthly basis in order to provide more features and effective threat detection. This will improve your system security and you will be one step ahead from the bad guys. These update will also be applied automatically and hence you don’t need anymore to check for update of your AV-product.

Enhanced Home Network Security :

With the latest Nitro updates to Avast antivirus products, you will now get enhanced security to router with additional 12 more detection of router vulnerabilities. This will now effectively protects users from banking hackings, DNS alterations and ensure complete security of network drivers and routers.

Leading HTTPS Security :

Avast delivers complete protection from potential malware threats for your browser by scanning all HTTPS sites with its Web Shield. According to an independent research by Concordia University in Montreal (Canada), it comes out that Avast antivirus products provides the most secure HTTPS Scanner available in the market at present. It has been observed that about 30% of all web traffics run through HTTPS at present. And, on average Avast detects

Improved SafeZone Browser :

Avast nitro update also delivers the SafeZone browser functionality to its Free as well as Premium version products. With this feature, it protects user’s privacy while browsing online, shopping and banking in isolated sessions without compromising browser’s speed. The browser also provides better browsing experience with block pop-up ads option.

You can learn more about this at Avast’s official site at, https://www.avast.com/index.

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