Antivirus Fails to Remove Manamecrypt Ransomware : How to Fix It ?

Manamecrypt Ransomware is basically designed by malicious hackers to extort money from naive users. It supposedly encrypts various kinds of files like pictures, audios, videos, game files, PDFs, Ms office documents and so on. Once user’s compromised files and documents are encrypted, it makes a demand for ransom money equivalent to 0.32277 BitCoin (or $136.1) against the decryption key. It claims if you don’t pay the ransom in given time frame then you may not later get access your compromised files.

Not only this it is also capable of stealth infiltration by bypassing Antivirus detection into your PC. Thus its essential for victims to remove Manamecrypt Ransomware promptly after its detection. You can follow the below post to furnish yourself with its characteristics, removal and file recovery solutions.

How Manamecrypt Ransomware Can Wreck Havoc To Your PC ?

Actually it’s a really nasty and hazardous ransomware threat. Unlike other file encrypting virus this doesn’t actually encrypts user’s compromised files. Instead of that Manamecrypt Ransomware compresses it into .RAR file with password protection. This is a really an odd way for a ransomware to compromised victims files. Generally ransomware threats uses asymmetric encryption algorithms which provides its users with a unique public/private key. In such cases decrypting the infected files with the decryption key is nearly impossible. But fortunately recovering files infected by Manamecrypt Ransomwareis currently straightforward. The password of the compressed .RAR file is the .RAR file name+computer name.

Below is the screenshot of ransom note dropped by this ransomware virus which threatens victims to pay the ransom money.

Manamecrypt Ransomware Ransom Note

Illegal Ways of Manamecrypt Ransomware Intrusion :

If we talk about how this ransomware actually invade into its target PC then it will be quite difficult. As the file size of this virus is very small and it can acquire several ways to attack on its target PC. But in general Manamecrypt Ransomware encroach inside its target PC via phishing emails, sharing files using P2P networks, exploit kits, payloads of advanced Trojans and so on. Although its intrusion methods are similar to other ransomware, the difference is only in the encryption method and size of ransom. Further details about this threat can also be accessed via

As an IT expert I will recommend users to remove Manamecrypt Ransomware as quickly as possible from their infected PC. Once you successfully removed the virus then you should go for recovery of your files.

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