Dangerous DMA Locker Ransomware Attacked Your PC : How to Fix it ?

remove DMA Locker Ransomware

Recently a new DMA Locker Ransomware has been detected by many of the malware researchers. This is a dangerous ransomware infection as this has the Direct Memory Access (DMA) which enables it to attack directly to the memory of the compromised PC. These kinds of malware threats has been primarily designed to carry out crude attempts to extort money from naive users.

So if you got this ransomware threat in your PC then its strongly advisable to remove DMA Locker Ransomware instantly. You should also look for some alternative methods to decrypt or restore the encrypted files.

Hazards of DMA Locker Ransomware Invasion :

DMA Locker Ransomware is a new variant of MadLocker ransomware and capable to encrypt user’s file suddenly. Actually malicious hackers designed it for the purpose to encrypt the vital files and documents stored in victim’s PC. This even disables AV-programs and Firewall along with other installed applications. Due to its presence you may see various kinds troubles using your web browser and other applications in your PC. Once encryption done this drops a ransom note which contains the details about how to restore the encrypted files.

DMA Locker Ransomware drops ransom note in each folder where it has encrypted files. The instructions in the ransom note states that you have to pay some huge amount of ransom in exchange of restoration of your encrypted data. This even threatens users by stating that if they didn’t pay the ransom before deadline then the decryption key will be destroyed. Please note that malware researchers always suggests against of paying any sort of money to the malicious hackers. If you even pay the ransom then its not have any guarantee that they will provide the decryption key.

How DMA Locker Ransomware Infiltrate Into Its Target PC ?

The most common way of intrusion of this nasty ransomware threat is through bundled with third party softwares. Otherwise phishing emails, payloads of advanced Trojan horses and exploit kits may also be used by cyber criminals to spread it into user’s PC. In some instances we have observed that this trap users by spam emails which resembles with reputable organizations, services etc. and invite users to click on the attached file.

This is so tricky virus that it can easily bypass detection and removal by antivirus programs in victim’s PC. Thus its better for the victims to get rid of DMA Locker Ransomware as soon as possible to avoid more damages and losses. They also need to look for some effective ways to restore or decrypt the encrypted files by this ransomware infection.

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