Comprehensive Details About Paycrypt Ransomware And It’s Removal Tips

Malware investigators has reported Paycrypt Ransomware as one of the new variant of cryptomalware. In the research it comes up that this ransomware might be custom version of Ninja Ransomware and BandarChor Ransomware. They have quite similar behaviors except that it directs the victims to contact at email address and demands for 1.35 bitcoins in favor of decryption key. Additionally it also uses AES-256 encryption algorithm in order to encrypt victim’s important data stored in the compromised PC.

PayCrypt Ransomware

Paycrypt Ransomware Ransom Note

Paycrypt Ransomware usually targets images, audios, videos and documents for encryption. This has been designed to encrypt all files valuable to users except executable and DLL files to allow the victims for paying ransom. The encrypted files will be renamed as[random numbers] format. Once encryption has been done, Paycrypt Ransomware demands for huge amount of ransom about 1.35 bitcoins ($580) against the decryption software. Please note that there has no guarantee that it will provide you the decrypter after you pay the ransom amount. Thus it has been strongly advisable to the victims by security officers, against of paying any sort of ransom money.

Learn More About Paycrypt Ransomware and Its Intrusion Techniques :

Well if we talk about infiltration methods of Paycrypt Ransomware then its quite similar to that of traditional ransomware infections. It usually deployed in user’s PC through spam campaigns like spam email attachments, payloads of advanced Trojans, files dropped by exploit kits etc. Thus its important for the online users to be careful while surfing the Internet in order to avoid such malware intrusions. In various instances it has been observed that most of its attacks are viewed in Russian Federation and countries. Moreover the command and control servers of Paycrypt Ransomware are seems to be based at and, suspicious sites. So network administrators can block access to these sites from sending or receiving transmissions.

A victim of this ransomware says that,

Aujourd’hui, je l’avais observé mes fond d’écran change avec Padcrypt Ransomware note de rançon. J’ai aussi observé beaucoup de mes fichiers et documents stockés dans le système compromis a été chiffré. Bien que tous les programmes fonctionnent bien, mais je suis incapable d’accéder à mon plupart des fichiers et des documents importants. Ce que quelqu’un a une idée sur la façon de supprimer Paycrypt Ransomware complètement? S’il vous plaît aider!

– Huguet

Don’t worry, as here I am providing a reference site, in your regional language. Although I has given quite comprehensive information about Paycrypt Ransomware but at the referenced site you will get its manual and automatic removal guidelines. Hope this will help you sort out your issues. Get more details about ransomware and its harmful impacts at,

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