Benefits of Having Antivirus Protections : 5 Reasons for Why to Use Antivirus Softwares

Benefits of Having Antivirus Protection

Generally novice computer users overlook the benefits of having antivirus protection and most of then doesn’t realize the importance of using antivirus programs for their system’s security and safety of its private data. Day by day number of computer users are increasing very quickly and in this century of digital revolution, millions of people manage their important data through computers. This really brings it to considerable state of danger from different kinds of threats, malware attacks, identity theft etc. Simply not having an antivirus protection for your PC or other devices, is like a soldier gone to battlefield empty handed.

You can easily understand the real benefits of using an antivirus for your PC, just by knowing consequences of not having an antivirus protection. Cyberspace is not a secure place for anyone, as becoming a victim of phishing scams and other malware attacks is common for naive users. If you will learn a little bit about the consequences of not using an antivirus software should be enough to convince you about why you need it. Let us see few reasons about why to use antivirus software for your PCs.

1. Computer Performance

Different kinds of PC threats carry out malicious activities for different purposes. But weather it is a virus, Trojan, adware, rootkits or any other kind of malware threat, they all adversely affects the computer performance. They use the computer resources like CPU usage, storage space, occupy memory space, blocks useful programs installed in your PC, slows down Internet speed etc. Due to such misdemeanor into your PC, you could not perform any task with your normal efficiency and ease. Even a small task can take more that few minutes or hours to complete.

On the other hand, if your computer has antivirus protection then the scene is different from this. Antivirus software protects you from such kinds of malware infections to a great extent and blocks any suspicious activity into your computer. Hence you can enjoy your computing experience without any disturbance.

2. Keep Your Children Safe Online

Normally parents are quite obsessed towards their children safety in playgrounds, streets and even their own gardens. Hence safety from unprotected computer systems can not be neglected. As youngster can easily be misled by suspicious links, adverts etc. to various kinds of unsafe contents or material suitable for adults. This surely any parent doesn’t want for their children.

So with the aid of antivirus protection you can prevent your children from unknowingly viewing adult contents online. Antivirus software provides child safety features which prevents children from even viewing any suspicious contents online mistakenly.

3. Protection from Spyware and Identity Theft

These days people use their computer to read emails, play games, share files, check their bank accounts online and lots more. If they don’t have any antivirus protection then their important data stored in their computer can get into greater risk.

Cybercrimes are increasing rapidly these days. And, several malicious hackers use spywares to to infect target PC and steal user’s confidential data for illegal purposes. This can be your login details, passwords, banking related information, credit card number, your location and so on. Due to this a victim of spyware infection may have to suffer from serious issues if they do not have a reliable antivirus protection.

Therefore to prevent anything happening with your PC and your own privacy, you are required to have an trustworthy antivirus software. This will detects, blocks and removes such kinds of threats from your system.

4. Hard Drive Issues

Imagine what happens if all of your hard drive data has been wiped out or become unaccessible to you. In such situations you will loose all of your important data stored in your system that impacts both of your personal and official life.

There are extremely dangerous kinds of malware infections present which are capable to completely wipe out user’s data, lock down their PC and make it obsolete. Hence in order to prevent anything like this from happening with your system its essential to have a strong antivirus protection with you. Antivirus software prevents such kinds of threats from entering into your PC.

5. Crime Time

These days there phishing attacks and spams are very common. But apart from these, many malicious hackers design such threats which provides them access behind the victim’s PC firewall. It is different from identity thefts as this helps hackers to perform malicious and illegal activities with the IP address of the infected system. So with the help of such threats, remote hackers can commit cyber crimes like illegal downloads, sending spam emails and so on.

Thus if a system without an antivirus protection can be trapped in such kinds of cyber crimes easily which actually they didn’t committed. Antivirus softwares provides protection from any such kinds of suspicious activities.

Conclusion :

So the benefits of using an antivirus can not be overlooked. Being safe from online threats, irritating pop-ups, fraudsters and other PC threats is the key point. Thus paying for a reliable and trustworthy antivirus software is worth it.

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